Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kyrie/Steph "Fire vs Water" Loading Screen by Iron Knight

Hey guys, here is a loading screen which was submitted as a request by one of my followers. If you have more ideas, just PM me and I'll try to post it on my FB page! Thank you!

*Note: from now on, I will be LESSENING the adlinks (adfly and shortest) from 3 to 2. I will also be removing the adlinks on the future posts I make on my FB page. A lot of people have been complaining that they were not able to get to the download link because of the ads, which is why I lessened it. THIS SHOULD BE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU GUYS! :)

**Now, if anyone still complains about the 2 adlinks..... C'mon guys, my mods are for FREE anyway, so if you still want to complain about the 2 links (which gives me CENTS. CENTS in return), then I will stop modding instead. THE PROCESS OF GETTING FROM THIS PAGE TO THE DOWNLOAD LINK IS ONLY MORE OR LESS 10 SECONDS. That's only a sixth of a minute. Creating most of these mods will take me at least FOUR TO FIVE HOURS, sometimes THE WHOLE DAY with 30 minutes being the shortest possible time I can finish a mod.  I hope you can patiently wait for it :) Anyway, I only do this because I want to help you guys improve your NBA 2K gaming experience, so please,  if you guys keep on complaining, I won't waste my time on something I don't get much in return because that means I am just fooling myself. Just a friendly reminder :)

If you still have problems with anything, just leave me a message on my FB page.

Keep downloading and keep supporting me in my mods, and I will try to produce more and more quality output for you guys! <3 Thank you.

Kung di niyo man nagegets mga sinabi ko dito, i-PM niyo na lang ako HAHAHAHA

Anyway, here is a screenshot of the loading screen in-game

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